Rotating Desk Stand for Mobile Devices

The Rotating Desk stand gives style and function on your desktop for your mobile devices. Easily share what you are seeing on your device with those sitting near you with a simple twist. Rubber grips hold your device from slipping while you use it. Whether you use your iPad as a stand-alone display for video chat and watching video or for productivity tasks like emails or editing documents, the Rotating Desk Stand will prop your device at the perfect angle. Choose from matte black or high-gloss white.
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360° rotating base for face-to-face presentations and sharing information

Ergonomic desk stand, sets perfect typing angle (15°)

Sets the perfect viewing angle (62°) for your tablet

Holds the tablet in portrait or landscape position

Small base takes up minimal desktop space

Rubber elements secure the device

Extra space for keys, coins and other small items


Code 6410-02
Color black
Material ABS, TPE (rubber parts)
Dimensions 5.83 x 7.56 x 2.44
Use For Tablets, smartphones
Weight 0.48