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NEW iLAM Touch 2 Series

All you need to know is on and off

Our laminators are equipped with an intelligent sensor technology recognising pouch thickness and automatically selects the optimum speed to temperature.

  • All you need to know is on and off!   

    iLAM laminators products are fully automatic - no settings needed 

    on and off button

  • Patented foldable flaps 

    Guaranteed flat and consistently high quality lamination results. 

    foldable flaps

  • Unique sensor technology 

    Determines your pouch thickness and selects the perfect lamination speed.  

    Unique sensor technology

  • Unique direction technology® 

    Leitz Pouches: Direction arrows eliminate jams. Just for the best results. 

    Unique direction technology

UDT Pouches

For perfect results

Pouches come with direction arrows that help to prevent misfed documents; arrows disappear after lamination.


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Unique Direction Technology Pouches 


Hospital and Education

Lamination greatly benefits environments in which hygiene is a top priority – including hospitals, private practices and schools. Laminated documents – from phone lists and badges to info boards and signage – are easily wiped clean or disinfected. And are robust enough for regular handling. 

Facility and Manufacturing

Easily prevent stains or tears on important papers, signs and schedules in harsher manufacturing environments – just by laminating them. Not only does lamination protect against dirt, liquids and moisture, it also gives paper a smooth, easy-to-clean finish.

Offices and Associations

A laminator is an essential helper in every office at corporations, home offices, associations or sports club. It conveniently protects business cards, badges, phone lists, signs and more from unwanted wear caused by dirt and moisture. Plus, it makes regular paper glossy and durable.

Retailer and HORECA

A professional appearance is key to every business. Use a laminator to enhance your shop, restaurant or guest reception: make high-quality signs with product information, price lists, or daily events. Discover how these small yet significant details truly enhance your customers overall impressions.